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What I Use

Nick Kreidberg

Here you will find a frequently updated list of hardware, software, services and tools that I use on a daily basis to get things done. [Last updated: Dec 4th, 2014]

Desktop Applications

  • 1Password – The best way to manage all of your secure information.
  • Airmail – A terrific mail client for OSX.
  • AlfredApp – The best search/launch utility on the planet.
  • Chrome – My primary browser.
  • CloudApp – Instantly share images, links, files and screenshots.
  • Dropbox – Universal file-sync.
  • Evernote – Keeps my notes/thoughts/ideas sync’d everywhere I go.
  • Fake – Powerful automation for web application debugging, testing and usability studies.
  • iTerm2 – A very nice replacement for
  • Navicat Premium – A terrific GUI application for managing MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and more.
  • MongoVue – A great Windows-based MongoDB GUI.
  • Netbeans – My IDE of choice.
  • Pixelmator – A powerful, light-weight graphic editor.
  • Sequel Pro – The best OSX application for managing MySQL databases.
  • Sublime Text – My editor of choice.
  • Tower – The best GUI application for managing Git repositories.
  • Transmit – FTP/SFTP/etc client.
  • Tweetbot – My favorite desktop (and mobile) Twitter client.





  • – The ultimate online business card.
  • Facebook – Facebook.
  • Flickr – The best photo sharing service available.
  • FreshBooks – Terrific, flexible and painless invoicing.
  • Geeklist – An achievement based social portfolio for geeks.
  • Github – Social coding.
  • Gmail – IMAP/Web mail at its finest.
  • Instagram – A terrific way to filter/share photos with a variety of services.
  • – Keep track of everything you listen to.
  • Spotify – The best music streaming service on the net.
  • Stack Overflow – The best online forum for developers.
  • Twitter – I tweet regularly about technology, music, life and the web.

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