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Hosting for Business and Pleasure

Hosting for Business and Pleasure

In the world of web hosting there are so many options it’s dizzying. Each boasting that they are faster, cheaper, and easier to setup than the next. The purpose of this post is definitely not to wade through all of the murky waters that is cloud-based web hosting but rather to shine some light on […]

The World In Links [11/21-11/27/2011]...

The World In Links [11/21-11/27/2011] — CodeIgniter, Firebug, MongoDB

Chrome: Game changing performance increase with new garbage collection routine. CodeIgniter: Easy package management using Sparks. CSS: Creating style sheets for print. Firebug: A guide for using Firebug from a design perspective. Google+: 10 productive things you should be doing. jQuery: 10 awesome snippets. MongoDB: A getting started tutorial. MySQL: Generate complete Excel spreadsheet using […]

The World In Links [9/19-9/25/2011] &...

The World In Links [9/19-9/25/2011] — iOS, Minnesota, SEO

CodeIgniter: Building ajax data grids w/ jQuery. Graphing: Create an animated bar graph with CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. iOS: Using the TableViewController video tutorial. Minnesota: The Minnesota Tumblr list. Music: Learning how to play the piano. Photography: A showcase of 35 dazzling rainy day shots. SEO: 21 modern SEO myths debunked. Web Development: 7 new […]

The World In Links [7/18-7/24] –...

The World In Links [7/18-7/24] – Music, OS X Lion, PHP

CSS: WebPutty is an online CSS editor and hosting service. Infographics: A showcase of beautifully designed infographics. Music: The Glitch Mob, who I just discovered thanks to Rdio is some of the best music I have found to listen to while writing code. OS X Lion: New features and shortcuts in OS X that you […]

The World In Links [6/20-6/26] –...

The World In Links [6/20-6/26] – Bash, Career Growth, Search, Web Dev

Bash/Shell: A tutorial on customizing the command prompt on OSX/*nix systems. Career Growth: Tips on how to keep evolving as a designer or developer. CodeIgniter: How to integrate two-factor authentication with CodeIgniter. Domains: Flippa, the online marketplace for buying/selling domains. JavaScript: An extensive list of JavaScript tutorials (beg-adv) from Mozilla. Search: Tools for automating your […]

Using PHP Data in JavaScript Function...

Using PHP Data in JavaScript Functions

I recently built an autocomplete function (using JavaScript) for a publications tracking application which allows users to enter part/all of a tag into an input field and it will automatically suggest completions which can be done as many times as the user wants if they want multiple tags [think Flickr] assigned to a given record. […]

The World In Links [1/10-1/23]

The World In Links [1/10-1/23]

Git: Git Immersion is a guided tour through the fundamentals of Git. Google: The top search terms of 2010, on a pillow. Humor: If clients treated other companies like they do web companies. [Video] iPad: ZAGGmate Aluminum case with built-in keyboard. iPhone: LEGO case for iPhone 4. Music: MF Doom: Operation Doomsday Complete. Web Development: […]

The World In Links [1/3-1/9]

The World In Links [1/3-1/9]

*** Engaged: I got engaged over the weekend to the most wonderful woman in the world! Design: Black & white websites. DOM: Dom Monster is a bookmarklet that analyzes the DOM/JS and reports issues and suggestions. Entrepreneurial: The web developer’s guide to getting a startup up and running. Gmail: Advanced ninja search guide. jQuery: Building […]

The World In Links [12/20/2010-1/2/20...

The World In Links [12/20/2010-1/2/2011]

Apparel: “TeaShirt”. Cats: The best cat videos of 2010 in 90 seconds. Consulting: Taking criticism gracefully. Databases: 70 online databases that define our planet. Desktop: Wallpapers for 2011. Gilf: An incredibly portable tripod for the iPhone4. Gist: File randomizer for digital frames. HTML5: The periodic table of elements. Sleep: WakeMate: sleep analysis and tracking. Utility: […]

Fake Screencast

Fake Screencast

I recently downloaded an application called Fake which is in essence a wrapper for WebKit/Safari with a huge number of automation features built-in. I was slightly skeptical about this application but I have been looking for something like this for a long time so I decided to give it a try. After building my first […]