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How I Code

How I Code
I wanted to write this post for a couple of reasons. The first is to (hopefully) provide some helpful insight into a different way of coding th [...]

The World In Links [9/5-9/11/2011] &#...

The World In Links [9/5-9/11/2011] — Blogging, Freelancing, Programming
Blogging: Run a blogs that I.N.S.P.I.R.E. Browser Testing: Cross browser testing best practices with a focus on IE. CodeIgniter: File uploading [...]

The World In Links [7/25-7/31] —...

The World In Links [7/25-7/31] — iPad, JavaScript, MongoDB, Programming
Code: Easily add syntax highlighting to any project. Infographic: The evolution of computer programming languages. iPad: 10 applications for we [...]

The World In Links [6/27-7/3] —...

The World In Links [6/27-7/3] — HTML5, JavaScript, Photography
HTML5: Build your first game using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. JavaScript: 10 very useful online tools for JavaScript developers. Learning: The [...]

The World In Links [5/30-6/5]

The World In Links [5/30-6/5]
Blogging: 9 characteristics any serious blogger should possess. Cron: Crontab usage and examples. Gift: An adorable greeting card featuring a t [...]

Using PHP Data in JavaScript Function...

Using PHP Data in JavaScript Functions
I recently built an autocomplete function (using JavaScript) for a publications tracking application which allows users to enter part/all of a t [...]

The World In Links [2/28-3/6]

The World In Links [2/28-3/6]
Advertising: Creative and effective ad designs. Chrome: 7 annoyances and how to fix them. Focus: 5 ways to keep yourself focused at work. GitHub [...]

Fake Screencast

Fake Screencast
I recently downloaded an application called Fake which is in essence a wrapper for WebKit/Safari with a huge number of automation features built [...]