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Developer Challenge Post

Developer Challenge Post

I recently participated in a 90-minute developer challenge and blogged about it on my employers website, check it out!

The World In Links [August, 2012] ...

The World In Links [August, 2012] — HTML5, Markdown, Node.js

Apache – An introduction to the web server. CodeIgniter – Advanced techniques and tricks. Development – The principles of agile. HTML5 – Best practices. JavaScript – The key principles of maintainable JS. Markdown – The ins and outs. Node.js – Create a resumable video upload tool. Node.js – Screen scraping. PayPal – Processing payments w/ […]

The World In Links [May, 2012] —...

The World In Links [May, 2012] — Coffee, JavaScript, PHP

Coffee – 40 creative mugs, cups and glasses. Diff – Online tools for comparing code. Excel – 30 geeky artworks creating with Excel. Facebook – 5 privacy settings you should know. Fonts – Super clean, high quality free fonts. Google – How To Download Your Data. htaccess – Case-insensitive RedirectMatch. Humor – 40 Ridiculously Oversized […]

The World In Links [April, 2012] R...

The World In Links [April, 2012] — Code, Mobile, Ruby

Code – My recently updated projects on Github. Github – Instantly Beautiful Project Pages. HTML5 – Toying w/ the HTML5 File System API. Lifestyle – 8 tips to simplify your work life. Mobile Security – The top 10 Security Tools For Your Smartphone. MongoDB – A year with Mongo. Monitoring – Monitor your Website’s Uptime […]

New Project Stack

New Project Stack

After much deliberation my business partner and I have decided on the stack for our next project. It is going to be client-side-heavy and highly interactive which was a big motivator in a number of our decisions. So without further ado here is the stack:              – Backbone.js [Client-side framework] – Bootstrap […]

How I Code

How I Code

I wanted to write this post for a couple of reasons. The first is to (hopefully) provide some helpful insight into a different way of coding that others might find useful. The second is to give me something to look back at a year from now to see where I have changed things, what is […]

The World In Links [1/16-1/22/2012] &...

The World In Links [1/16-1/22/2012] — Art, Gadgets, PHP

Art: A showcase of amazing pixel art. Gadgets: 30 famous tech gadgets disassembled. jQuery Mobile: A beginners guide. PHP: 10 snippets you probably haven’t seen. Regular Expressions: RegEx patterns for use w/ JavaScript’s .match() method.

The World In Links [1/1-1/15/2012] &#...

The World In Links [1/1-1/15/2012] — CSS, Growth, Responsive Design

CoffeeScript: Getting started. Commenting: Best practices for source code comments. CSS: How to properly design a stylesheet for print. Growth: 10 New Year’s resolutions every developer should make. HTML5: Cheat sheets. JavaScript: Frameworks, tools and techniques for creating killer web applications. Regular Expressions: Getting up and running. Responsive Design: 10 tools frameworks for responsive web […]

The World In Links [10/31-11/6/2011] ...

The World In Links [10/31-11/6/2011] — Crowdsourcing, Hacking, PHP

Coffee: Starbucks roasts now available in K-Cups. Crowdsourcing: Explanation, pros, cons and more. Hacking: Let’s make a distributed hackathon. Node.js: Page scraping tutorial. NoSQL: An introduction and pros/cons of using NoSQL architecture. PHP: Zend framework from scratch tutorial series. Tropo: Add voice, SMS, Twitter and IM integration into your applications. WordPress: 50 great (and free) […]

Enforce TextArea String Length Using ...

Enforce TextArea String Length Using JavaScript

I recently had a need to limit the number of characters a user was able to enter into a textarea field on a web form. Unfortunately these elements don’t have a maxlength property so this has to be enforced with JavaScript. The function below “monitors” input into the textarea (#description) using a keyUp event handler. […]