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W3Schools Certification

Today I took the W3Schools PHP/MySQL certification exam and passed with a 90%! The required score to pass was 75% so while I am fairly happy with the 90% I received I was shooting for 95% or higher. The test was mainly comprised of questions pertaining to the fundamentals of web application development with PHP and MySQL. It was about 60% PHP and about 40% MySQL which I found to be a nice mix. Obviously I can’t divulge any specifics about the exam but it is fairly straight-forward with a few surprises thrown in. I highly recommend visiting the W3Schools pages and taking their practice exams before even thinking about the certification test. The certification test was significantly more difficult than the practice exams but still very manageable for anyone with a solid foundation in both PHP and MySQL.

*** Update: [2/11/2011]
I decided to go all out this morning and take BOTH the JavaScript and the jQuery certification exams. I managed to pass both with a 97% and a 91% respectively and quite honestly after doing both I am surprised I didn’t try to type this paragraph using JavaScript syntax. At-any-rate it is pretty cool that the W3C provides you with a link that shows all the certifications you have completed. It is the same link that the image points to above but here it is again just for fun.


  1. willem dhaeseleer willem dhaeseleer
    January 12, 2012    

    Hey Nicholas !

    I just took the javascript exam and stumbled upon your blog here.
    Just wanted to let you know that W3Schools and W3C are absolutely not affiliated.
    check out my cert here :

    • January 12, 2012    

      Willem: Congratulations on passing the exam! You are correct, the w3c and w3schools are not affiliated which obviously makes my short URL a little misleading.

      At-any-rate, great work on the exam and happy JavaScripting!

      — Nicholas

  2. March 17, 2012    

    Hi Nicholas Kreidberg

    I am Abhishek Luv from India, I am planning to go for w3schools Javascript Certification Exam.

    Is it worth for doing it..plz reply

    • March 21, 2012    

      Abhishek: The exam is good test of fundamental knowledge though I would highly encourage you to expand your horizons far beyond the W3C, particularly for JavaScript. I really like NetTuts (particularly some of their jQuery tutorials) and I hear great things about Code School.

      Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any other questions!

      • willem d'haeseleer willem d'haeseleer
        March 21, 2012    


        The W3Schools certification exam does only cover the very basics of JavaScript and does not test for advanced or even intermediate knowledge on the subject.
        The W3schools certainly does not provide an industry standard certification, but it can be a nice to have and it shouldn’t hurt your CV.
        Also ,you should inform your self on the origin of W3Schools and make sure you know that they are not related to the world wide web consortium ( W3C ) at all.

        • March 22, 2012    

          Willem is correct, W3Schools and the W3C have absolutely no ties to one another.

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